Collegiate Fencing


Our fencers learn that the combination of high scholastic and fencing achievement is a winning combination for success. Coaches from Ivy League and other elite universities are in constant contact with our program, as they recruit our fencers for the NCAA programs.


The following is a sample of MTEAM members and their choices of US colleges:


Alexander Massialas
Turner Caldwell
Lily McElwee
Darren Mei
Andre Cornman
Christie Dawson
Shiv Kachru
Jillian Liu
Jacob Stein
Dillon Lew
Brian Wang
UC San Diego
Rosalyn Lim
Armin Chan
Benjamin Dorn
Florence Lee
Pillar Alicia
Penn State
Doris Willette
David Willette
Nobuo Bravo
UC Berkley
Alex Huang
Min Jung Kang
Yury Sobolev
Eric Ching
Gabriel Cuzzillo
Zane Haney
U. Penn
Leland Bernstein
Alex Simmons
Katherine Kim
Mary Spohn
Phoebe Lee
Priscilla Lee
Marc Berghouse
Notre Dame
Gerek Meinhardt
Ambika Singh
Jackson Okuhn
Jeff Martin
Carnegie Mellon
Elliot Cuzzillo
Kate Phillips
Johns Hopkins
Ashley Lau
Ohio State
Allison Henvick
Lucas Wang
Gabriel Chan
MW McElwee



NCAA Fencing


Some of the earliest fencing programs in the US were in the Ivy League schools. Collegiate teams fence inter-division (teams from Division I, II, and III), and all divisions participate in the NCAA Championships.


At the 2014 NCAA Fencing Championships, the "Final Four" Men's Foil fencers were all MTEAM fencers representing their respective schools.
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Division I Schools

Atlantic Coast Conference
Ivy League


Division II Schools



Division III Schools





Intercollegiate Fencing Association


The Intercollegiate Fencing Association (IFA) is the oldest collegiate fencing conference in the United States. Seven of the members of the IFA are also members of the Ivy League, and all of the Ivy universities with Division I fencing programs are also members of the IFA.


The IFA has 11 members: