Karen Ladenheim-Martos



Karen has been a competitive fencer for over three decades. She started at age 13 in New Jersey with Maestro A John Geraci. In high school, she fenced at Montclair Kimberly Academy where she was the New Jersey High School Champion in her senior year. She went on to fence at Temple University where she was coached by Niki Franke who is considered to be the best female Collegiate coach of all time. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Masters Degree in Education, Karen moved to San Francisco where she fenced at the Letterman Fencer’s Club in the Presidio. In 1993, she joined Halberstadt Fencer’s Club where she earned numerous medals both individually, and for the Halberstadt Women’s foil Team. In 1998, Karen began coaching and attributes much of her success to her understanding of child development and her experience as a youth fencer.